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Hi there 👋My name is Andrey G. I am a senior software engineer at Meta (a.k.a. Facebook).After spending 8 years of my life doing frontend, I am still frustrated with the wide variety of modern frameworks.
Aren't you?
If we strip the buzzwords (VDOM, reactive, immutable - you name it), how different are the fundamental ideas behind them? How do these ideas translate to code? What made them successful at the time and what made them obsolete later?I have decided to get to the bottom of it and document my journey in a form of a book.- We will create tiny live replicas of popular frameworks and libraries: starting from JQuery, and ending with React.- We are going to overview how they function, put them through real-life scenarios, and reveal their bottlenecks.- In the end, we will speculate about what the future might bring and try to peek into the frontend of tomorrow.The book is currently WIP. I plan to finish it by the end of 2023.
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